TenIQ Test

The TenIQ Test is composed of 40 items. A score of 120 or higher will qualify you for TenIQ membership. In order to take our test you must register and purchase a test credit. The cost for a test credit is $8.99 US. Once your account is registered and you’ve purchased a test credit you will be able to take the TenIQ Test at anytime.  The test credit is good for one test session only and will be valid and intact until you decide to take the test.  Once you start the test you will have 30 minutes to complete 40 questions. While the test is timed the amount of time you’ve taken to complete the test will not factor into your score, so please take all the time you need. If you run out of time before finishing, the test will submit itself automatically and you will receive your score.
If you score 120 or higher you will be automatically invited to join TenIQ. A score of 130 or higher on our test will qualify you for membership at the Canadian High IQ Society  while a score of 146 will qualify you for membership at UberIQ.

Good luck and thank you for taking the TenIQ Test.

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